The Glory of the Path

The Path is the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, under God. The Path is Love. The Path is Life. Glory to The Path.

Executor Damascus Jacobi and The Path

Executor of the Path, Damascus JacobiOur glorious Leader, Executor of The Path, Damascus Jacobi, chosen by God to lead the Faithful to Salvation, witnessed the terrible Truth of an Evil World; a World dominated by the Sin of the Flesh, of Materialism, of Democracy, of Weakness and Ignorance – and gave us The Path, the Glory of God on Earth.

It is He whom led The Great Purges to overthrow the Sins of the Past, our Twenty-Year struggle for Faith over Heresy, Glory over Democracy.

And in giving us our Salvation from Sin, so born in Light was the Glory of Holy London. Walk the Path to Salvation, Path-Walker, and touch the Hand of God!

Holy London

Holy London is our Bastion of Faith, our New Jerusalem. We may Fight the Heathens without, even the Magdalenes within. But We are Strong and we will Smite them.

The Grand CathedralWe are the Faithful, and we will build the Walls of Jericho around us, build and rebuild, build and rebuild, until there is None but the Heathens and the Glory of the Path-Walkers.

And then they, those Heathens, will be Smote in the Fire of Fury, the Furnace of Faith, until the Day, that Day, when only We the Faithful remain – in Glory.

The Grand Cathedral

The Grand CathedralGod and Executor Jacobi hath given Us the Grand Cathedral, rising as our Faith from the Ruins of a Ruined City.

Built by the Hands of Heathens in their final moment of Redemption, seized by the Guilt of their Wrongdoing in The Great Purges and brought to bear by the Might of The Path, The Grand Cathedral is our Tower of Faith – mighty, resolute, defiant against Heresy. If your Faith should Falter, look to the Grand Cathedral – and all Hope of The Path is Yours.

Within, Executor Jacobi hath built our New World Order, divining our Senate and, at their head though under the Glory of the Executorship, our Archdeacons of Faith. Here they mould the Glory of Life under The Path. They number Six, and carry the Burden of Governance over Life under The Path. To them, We salute!

Beneath them, the Thirty-Six of the Senate – Ministers of the Faith. Is to them alone whom the Lowly of The Path may aspire. Above, All are ordained by God Himself.

The Protectors of the Faith

The Faith ProtectorateOur Protectors of the Faith stand against Temptation as your Emblems of The Path. Weak in their Shadows we shudder.

Protector-General DouglasProtector-General Douglas, Hero of The Great Purges, valiantly Commands our Brave Band of the Faith Protectorate in Battle within the Walls of Holy London. They are the Strength of Body tempered by the Pillars of Faith.

Theirs is a Mighty Task: to lead the Weakness of Heresy back to the Glory of Faith.

Theirs is a Terrible Burden: to carry the Weight of The Path to wield against those whom seek to undo Us.

Theirs is the Glory of The Path within Holy London.

For all Path-Walkers, they Police.

The Heralds of The Path

The Heralds of The PathOur Heralds of The Path fight against Heresy on The Jericho Line and the Northern Campaigns – for the Glory of The Path.

Chaplain Richards, so sorely mourned, brought the Heralds of The Path to bear on the Heathen Democratic Government of the Old World Order, and instilled the Glory of The Path in the Hearts of all Path-Walkers.

They are the might of The Path beyond the Bastion of Holy London.

Without them Holy London and our future Holy Britain would not be.

Without them the Jericho Line would fall to the Magdalenes and Heresy.

Without them the Forces of Heresy would overrun The Path.

For all Path-Walkers, they Fight.


Our Iron-Clads are our Sentinels of Faith. Chosen from the Masses, they Guard the Faithful in their Life under The Path, marshalling Order, Guardians against Anarchy. Iron-Clads

They are the Strong Arm of Faith and Control, giving Food, Breath, Light and Dark to the Lambs under The Path.

They are our Wrath for those whom Oppose Us.

In them we Strive.

In them we Survive.

In them Weakness is Strength.

For all Path-Walkers, they Guard.

The Dreadnoughts

The Dreadnoughts are our Heroes of the Seas, Sailing and Fighting for the Good Name of The Path from All points around Holy Britain.

From Coast to Coast, from the Deepest Swell to the Highest Crest, the Glory of The Path shall Prevail come Sun or Storm, and the Word of our Struggles against the Sin of Heresy and the Magdalenes shall be Heard.

In them we are Safe.

In them we Sail.

In them we will Prevail.

For all Holy Britain, they Rule the Waves.

The Path is Love.               The Path is Life.              Glory to The Path.