The Heathens Abroad

Walkers of The Path, We are the Chosen Few. Ours is Holy London, shining Bastion of the Faith.

Soon, with victory by the Heralds of The Path, Ours shall be Holy Britain – Our Island Fortress, Our God-Blessed New Jerusalem, Eden of the World. The Wrath of God Himself is with Us.

But beyond Our borders Heathens lurk, despoilers of Faith, Heretical in Mind and Soul and Destiny.

Holy Britain

The Jericho Line:

The Jericho Line is Our fortified rampart between our Glorious Heralds of The Path and the Heathen Magdalenes. Our Benevolent efforts for Diplomacy have gone unheeded. We desire only peace, but the Magdalenes are unrelenting in their Mission to destroy The Path.

With the Fire of God, we shall Destroy their Scourge from the Face of Holy Britain.

The Northern Campaigns:

The Northern Campaigns are our Stand against the Heathen Magdalenes in the North East. The Heralds of The Path make gains daily, and shall rout the Heathens to meet Their Redemption at our Swords.

There is no Life beyond The Path and Holy Britain.  Ours is Destiny. 

We are the Rebuilders of the World.